Nick Griffin is The Eventual

I started this project around april of 2007 with the song "dissappear", as the basis of what i wanted the band to sound like. I have been working with electronic music since the mid 90's. Since the project began it has moved around a bit. I'm in Cincinnati now putting together a lot of new stuff that i'll be posting up here.

I've been playing guitar, and piano since i can remember. The electronic part of my music originally came as a way to fill out the rest of my songs without an actual band. I wrote under the name "wintermute" from '98 til about 2002, then was one half of the band "Aidmn" with Andy Rivas (now of the band Bad Employees, also on LBA records).

in 2003 i moved to Monterrey Mexico, played a lot with just guitar, and vocals, picked up what i could from the music there, which i get a lot of inspiration from even today.

I also get a lot of inspiration from IDM, and early industrial bands. As far as writing goes there are no loops in any track i put out for the purpose of keeping everything original, just sequencing, and sampling. The occasional piano or guitar.

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The Eventual Album
1.  Totality      9.  The Unaffected   
2.  Ad portas     10. Pacify
3.  Disappear     11. Velo
4.  Anticipate    12. You Are In My Hands
5.  Unravel       13. Why Can't You Be Here
6.  Assassinate   14. Triumph
7.  Alacrity      15. Gilgamesh
8.  The Meaning

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