Mi Corazon Negro

**New Album "Mondo Negro" out on October 31, 2008**

Robbie Lopez - Lead guitar and vocals

"Scenester Suicide" Album Track Listing
1.  Intermission
2.  CondomHead
3.  The Beggining
4.  The Fever
5.  KC Coke Party
6.  OliveSkin FuckMachine
7.  Went Dead Inside
8.  Kamikaze
9.  Scenester Suicide
Bonus Tracks:
1.  Party All the Time
2.  Hot Pink Love Song
3.  Uma
More tracks being released very soon as well!


Hi, we are Mi Corazon Negro ,which means "my black heart" so whatevers easiest for you,hell MCN works just fine. The main players in this nu-wave/rockin/punk boogey mudslide of catchy tangines is Robbie"kickstand"Lopez (main song and lyric writer/creator )and Brandon"brasso Uno" Chowning (co writer/synth/samples/backing vocals). Our current line up also includes: Rian Wheat on drums, James Lopez on guitar/keys and Brian ''The Brain'' Slusher on bass and backing vocals.....We started out about 2 years ago i had been in "Deathray Angels'' an underground dirt metal band for like 6 years and Chowning (Brasso) was rocking a organ in a punk band called Disfunctional years later tired of doing the metal and punk scene i really discovered and started creating electronic music and then fusing it with organics, so when i decided to start MCN, I knew i wanted Brasso in the band so we got together and talked about what we liked, what we wanted to do, and our influences which range from: Joydivison, Crass, NIN, INXS, Pixies, House, Techno, HipHop, and we knew what beats we wanted to experiment with we just needed some guidence this is where Brandon Hall Paddock comes in. We met him through another local band and he is magic. He helped us so much and got so involved as a producer and member it helped us find the NEW SOUND and that's what we sound lke...the FUTURE we have a really neat thing going and our live shows are INSANE! You never know if we are bringing a 6 person band or just the 2 of us with 6 hot chick dancers and pull the super electronic dance party out on all ya. The point is we love what we do. Alot of time, effort and heart goes into everything we do and every show we play.  We love to travel and plan to leave no stone unturned in this world,thanks MCN.     Checkout our youtube videos or our website



Brandon Chowning- Synths