The 80s

With songs like Michael's 'Thriller' and any one of Madonna's classics, Monday nights at the V Club highlight a decade most college students were born in and now long to experience.

Stephanie Bartram

Issue date: 11/20/08 Section: Life
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Longtime Huntington disk jockey Brett Fuller spins records at the V club on Monday nights. The V Club is located at 741 Sixth Ave.
Media Credit: Audrey Hamoy | The Parthenon
Longtime Huntington disk jockey Brett Fuller spins records at the V club on Monday nights. The V Club is located at 741 Sixth Ave.

Monday nights are just as high energy as ever as 80s night at the V Club continues its more than two-year run in Huntington.

The V Club recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of its well-known 80s night, but the club is not ready to call it quits by a long shot.

Patrick Guthrie, co-owner of the club, said the idea to start 80s night was not a simple decision.

"There were 80s nights that started many years ago in Huntington and worked out really well, but other clubs have tried it in the past and failed," Guthrie said. "We were considering closing on Monday because it isn't traditionally the best night to go out."

Brett Fuller, longtime Huntington disk jockey, helped with the process.

"Brett came to me with this idea and I thought it was a good idea," Guthrie said.

"I had done many 80s nights in the past and it was something I was interested in trying to get going again," Fuller said. "We started on Oct. 9, 2006. The first few weeks were slow, but it picked up the week of Thanksgiving and has been going strong ever since."

Guthrie said a Monday night at the V Club is promised to show fun-seekers a good time.

"I would say 75 percent of this crowd is 21 to 30 and was a product of the 80s, but a majority was too young to party," Guthrie said. "It's kind of a rebirth for the 80s."

"It's always fun to play to a room of energetic and willing dancers," Fuller said. "It's great that you can throw songs on that everyone knows and can sing along to."

Fuller said that one of the best parts of being an 80s night DJ is the nostalgic crowd.

"Probably the greatest thrill is to play a marginal song from the era that people may have forgotten and see them recognize it and dance to it," Fuller said. "It is almost like you can see the song connecting them to a memorable time in their life."

Guthrie said an 80s-themed night may seem cliché, but that does not mean it cannot be fun.

"Eighties night is not an original night by any means, but as for having a good time, the market's open," Guthrie said.

"I think that this is a good night for the town because it's just a reason for people to go out and have a good time with friends," Fuller said. "It's just a fun time with no drama. It's hard to get upset with anybody with 'Safety Dance' playing in the background. Plus what else are you going to do on a Monday?"

If an 80s-themed dance night does not sound interesting, Guthrie said the V Club also offers a range of other events through the week.

"We do everything from helium karaoke to national and regional acts," Guthrie said. "We just try to keep everything diverse. I think anyone that comes to our bar is going to enjoy it. There is something for everybody."