The musician and producer Stone Mason has begun the creative activity in 2003. Style frameworks have been finally generated in 2006.In the same year there was the first release. Stone Mason has decided to work in such styles as progressive house, deep house and breaks.

To create music and to give it to people, it is the unique purpose which is pursued by this musician. The main thing is to enclose soul in product and then it will be heard!

In the same year there was the first release. Stone Mason tracks are played by many wellknown DJs and get in

Saleem’s music can be described as uplifting rhythms and electro hymns that flirt with the darkest realms of the human psyche. From the lighter tracks to deeper techno realms, he explores various genres and styles to form his own analog measures. With a philosophy major and a law degree, he defies labels with music and lyrics that transcend audiences. Starting his DJ career in Dallas, to Chicago and to Kansas City, his sets are said to move crowds of all types. His first ep, The Progressive Step, was released in January 2009 with LBA records and can be purchased at Beatport and other fine online stores now. Lookout for more music, more progressive electro beats to satisfy your senses in May 2009. Saleem is a rising producer and hopes that audiences will listen and feel each melody, each rhythm to understand the music that he portrays.

ELECTRONIC YELLOW JAMMER existed since 2004.
Two persons are at the base and create music together : C. and A.
Music pop electronic, neo new wave and happenings.
The first person C. : plays the base, computer and m. voices.
The second person A. : key boards, computer and back f. voices.
They collaborate with the peinter-poet M. : for certains texts, poetry and certains voices. and also with LIZA, PaSSHt!, LOVE-MARKOV, TASHA H., WILLIAM M. concerning vocals and with FRANK EFFEX, 23 Id, PIT PAR COEUR, [RY RE], BLIPPO, DISSOLVED for remix.
Their project is open to new horizons with time.

Bio coming soon

Having been born in Los Angeles and lived in Chicago, Detroit, South Carolina, West Virginia and now Florida, I have a diversified background in life experience. I have worked in nightclubs since 1998 DJing and promoting, with very successful residencies and crowds on a regular basis of over 1000. This included sound and light installations for several clubs as well. I also earned my BS and MA in biology and went on to teach biology at the college level and work in the biotech industry. I also used to run a chain of bicycle shops in the southeast US and raced in about 150 bicycle races.

My mother helped shape my musical appreciation by surrounding us kids with music from an early age. She and her sisters were a musical trio named The Bloomfield Sisters signed to Nero Records (a division of Mercury Records in 1961). After her music career, she would participate in church choirs and plays, etc. which we would attend and always have music playing in the house. I learned to play the trumpet in 6th grade and was 1st chair for 4 years. I then sold my trumpet to buy a microphone to sing in a hard-rock band in High School. During this period, I immersed myself in all types of music and came to appreciate musical talent. I then began DJing in nightclubs and also was promoting events as well as started to produce my own tracks. After 10 years of this, I decided the next logical step would be to start my own record label with both rock and club acts, LBA Records (with sister labels Bent Ant Records and Wagmore Records) and Nessel Music publishing (BMI).

Francesco Demegni was born in 07/16/1970 in a city named Gubbio located in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. He starts taking piano lessons at the early age of six and begins writing his first lyrics and composing his own music during his teens. After years of studying piano and keyboard, he obtains a degree as pianist and arranger at the “Università della Musica” (University of Music) in Rome.

Francesco then forms a group called the “Psicadelyc Pub” . A very heterogeneous group with whom he continues to perform until 1996. In 1992 he publishes the song “E suono anche un po’ di blues” (I Also Play the Blues) which is part of the compilation, “Note Italiane” (Italian Notes), distributed by Warner Bross. In 1997 he meets the producer Stefano Torossi with whom he publishes a collection of instrumental musical pieces for soundtracks grouped in two albums: “Planet Woman” and “Religion and Paranormal.”

He participates at many contests as pianist, composer and interpreter.

In 1998 he wins a scholar-ship at “CET” (Centro Europeo di Toscolano) European Centre of Toscolano and meets Mogol. During these years he also meets the Indian-Italian singer Dusa, with whom he begins a prosperous and artistic cooperation producing two beautiful albums entitled, “Dusa” in 2003 and “Desire” in 2004.

Chill out and lounge producer.
F. has published numerous tracks lounges in many compilations, for the most important labels in the world. One Trybal Uk, nuova Fresca, H.dem.I.A. Productions, LBA Records.

Dusa artistically grows in the surroundings of jazz clubs playing fado, bossa nova and soul music and takes part in the production of many musical projects achieved with many known artists. Dusa is of Indian origins and what makes her style exceptionally unique, is the fusion between the warm Mediterranean sounding of her voice mixed with a combination of other sounds taken from other parts of the world. In 1999, she begins an intense business cooperation with Mogol, with whom she publishes two songs: ("Nuova Gente", written by Mogol and "Bella e Anima Latina", written by Mogol-Battisti) published by "Hobby & Work" in co-operation with "Radio Italia" radio station. During the same year, she introduces a new and sophisticated funky sound with the pianist and composer, Francesco Demegni. This appealing new sound, elaborated with the help of other musicians, becomes very popular and is particularly pleasant because of its tunes, at times full of dance music though maintaining, at the same time, its melodic and harmonic origins, typically pertaining to the jazz genre of the new generation.

Dusa and her band, named after the singer herself, holds concerts of remarkable success throughout Europe (for example: the concert held for the BMW party and for the Messeguet Centre). In 2001, among 2500 participants and in the presence of important artists like Gianni Bella, Mario Lavezzi and Mogol, Dusa wins at the "Festival " as best singer and for best unpublished works. This event marks the beginning of a strong and lasting friendship with Gianni Daldello, Director of C.E.T . and a friend of great International artists like Toquinho, Caetano Veloso, Joao Bosco, and so on. As a matter of fact, Gianni Daldello, enchanted by Dusa's voice, embraces a tenacious business relationship with her, which takes her around Italy performing in Bossa Nova concerts and not only because, his enthusiasm for her music is so strong that he vividly presses her to set forth towards the world of music at a more International level. On Christmas morning of the same year, Dusa participates at the TV show "Uno Mattina" on the Italian channel "RAI 1", presenting three unpublished songs. In 2002, Dusa organizes a visual and pictorial Musical - Art Show for CEPU, where she sells 300 copies of the New Age CD carried out with Francesco Demegni in three days. Dusa receives great praise also through the internet, where she is present on over 20 sites between links and reviews. "Indy", which is still in the original version, is the most downloaded piece on MP3 world site for eight weeks straight.

Her first CD entitled "Dusa" and a video came out on May 2003, with the cooperation of Fabio Zeppetella as guitarist. She sells 2500 copies also thanks to the contribution of various Networks and local television, which showed great interest in playing the video. Besides, their music is regularly broadcasted in USA on Npsfunk Connectcut radio station. A complete and catchy World Music, where Dusa's Oriental and Pop music roots shine through.

Charisma, emotional outburst, everlasting experiment. All these peculiarities are supremely attributed to his performances. Vladimir Lovkov is a master of musical style which has been shaped by his permanent experience. His great music collection on vinyl and CDs will satisfy even the most demanding and naughty audience. From his enormous collection everyone can find the tracks of classical chicago and deep house as well as the fresh releases of electro/progressive/tech music. Unique blend of musical compositions in his sets will not leave you indifferent as far as his talent is acknowledged and supported by numerous and grateful responses of people visited his party-nights.

Being the resident of the most luxurious place in Moscow-Royal Bar/Yacht Club , Vladimir rejoices the “social lions” by melodic cocktail from chicago/funky/soul house. He has already played together with such celebrities as: Dj Houseshaker, Leo Lanvin, DJ Player and Remady (houseworks), Katherine Ellis, Eve Karey and so on. Vladimir Lovkov was regular participant of such grand projects as: Penthouse Russia, Forbes, 29 (Bryansk city), World Fashion in Moscow, White Night Effect (Bryansk city) and Fruit Juice Orange Night (Orel city).

His musical style was selected by fashion-company “Mark&Andre” and its show was being accompanied by his exclusive DJ-sets. At the same time style-studio “Kira Plastinina” has also chosen musical format created by Vladimir. His performance list comprises 10th anniversary of “TNT” TV-channel in club “Rai” and large number of beach parties of “MTV Russia”, where DJ Lovkov has steady been engaged. DJ tours: Ease-club (Kiel, Germany), Beach Club (Moscow), Monterosso (Moscow), Queens (Saint-Petersburg), Navigator (Bryansk), Plyazh (Sevastopol), 1001 night (Orel), Business Club Premier (Sevastopol), 3rd level (Severodvinsk), Wassabi (Severodvinsk), Tytchev (Bryansk).

Chris Tanch bought his first mixer back in 2001. Little did he know though that this mixer would bring him much bigger and better things. Chris originally started off with a love for High NRG and vocal trance. He soon passed on his passion for music to the people when he became involved in a local free to air dance radio show. It was there that his ability was noticed. In April 2003 Tanch held the first night of his own event called REMEMBRANCE at King Street Hotel. The night was a huge hit and was one of the first biggest nights for the now widely recognized venue causing it to reach capacity with the place literally exploding. REMEMBRANCE is now a name all local dance music lovers immediately recognize, drawing some big names in the dance scene such as Nick Skitz, Rob Brizzi & Alex K.

After this event Tanch was offered residency at King Street Hotel and began his unique and passionate collection of House. In the past 3 years he has taken command and made the club level of King Street Hotel his own. His track selection, mixing and frequent acapella use make him one of Newcastle’s most sought after and hottest dj’s. His ability to throw in some of the fattest house tracks you didn’t even know existed is a guarantee to keep the house music lovers coming back for more. He has played alongside some of the biggest names in the dance arena including Dirty South, James Ash (Rogue Traders), Grant Smillie (TV Rock), Soul Central (Strings of Life), Alan Thompson (Ministry of Sound), Andy Van (Vandalism), Mark Knight (Toolroom Records), Mr. Timothy (T-Funk), John Course (Electro Funk Lovers) and the list goes on….

His own original production “Free – feat. Jemma” has been storming across dance floors in Newcastle. So big is the track in fact that it has been picked up by Nova Fm and is played regularly on their dance show broadcasted in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. It then also attracted interest from one of the biggest names in house music Mr. THOMAS GOLD. This led to a Dave Ramone mix under Thomas's S2G label and the remix has started to take Europe by storm.
Since then Tanch has rolled out some big dance tracks which have dominated floors, especially Europe. “Back To Me” received rave reviews from some of the world’s biggest dj’s and stormed across dance floors. His latest release, “Infatuated” features the strong vocals of Meghan Murphy and comes with a bumping Locco Lovers remix. This is a name to keep on your mind and in your record bag!

No limits project - into project structure enter Roman Samylkin, Gurov Danila and Ivan Lyubimov. Roman Samylkin - the founder of the project, one of the most successful graduates of Studio 64, for a year of his career he has managed to prove natural gift of manipulation by a dancing, with each performance introducing new and bright paints in everyone set. Constantly improves technics of data and the concept of construction set, he is often surprising clubbers with " unexpected turns of events " He is participant and the sound maker of the project "No Limits project". Since September, 2008 he is resident A-club and teacher Studio 64. Favourite styles are House, Progressive House, Trance. The participant of the project since 2009. Gurov Danila - the musician and dj, in the project is responsible for synthesis,sampling, the generator of effects, data. The graduate of the First DJ Schools (Opium DJ Cafe). Favourite styles are Trip Hop, Break beat, Techno, Psy trance, Rave. The participant of the project since 2009. Ivan Lyubimov - the musician and dj. Is engaged in music since seven years, has musical education (a vocal, a guitar, a piano). Bears the responsibility for idea, the contents of a track and his general sound. He played in such groups, as "Machete" (keys, a guitar, the data) and " Return Readout " (a vocal, a guitar). Favourite styles are Progressive House, Trance, Funk, Jazz. The participant of the project since 2009.

Part of the duo and multi-collaborators, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Djhaili debuts his first solo effort with the "Shake That Thing" EP. As his myspace states (translated from french), "Based with my group Sao bassist I myself am looking composition which allowed me to work with various artists as an arranger and composer of artists such as: L.solo, Paula ajala-king, kurser, Harroun star, GA, Bex etc...".

Chris is a 28-year old Breakbeat music producer from Solihull in the West Midlands. Previously working under the guise “Kris Phoenix” producing Drum n Bass music, Chris’ new approach to making music is creating new waves in breakbeat and electro music. Chris’ colourful life has shaped his unique sound over the years. Influenced by DnB scene giants such as Shy FX, Aquasky, Bad Company and Adam F, as well as having a broad musical listening pallet through his youth with Britpop and Ska. “Anything really that sounds unusual or quirky; I have always loved gangstarr, Tupac, and later UK productions such as the Creators and the inimitable Roots Manuva. I really like what Akala is doing at the moment, particularly that live Shakespeare thing with the violin... so smooth” Chris started producing music while doing a chemistry degree at Bristol Uni. ”I got heavily into the dnb scene; with Bristol being the home of the movement it was not difficult... after DJ’ing and promoting at events in the area and hanging out with Mulder (of urban takeover fame) I started producing dnb around 2001” After 7 years of producing DnB music, Chris switched to Breakbeats.