Started as a saxophonist and lived in New York for a long time, His trips around the world and the various musical experiences, allow him to open up to traditional music ranging from Gamelan to Afro Cuban.

His passion from hip hop and electro together with jazz his first love, built him as a musician opened to the world And always looking for new experiences. From his personal history, Gnowee pulls out some botched up electro With one thing in mind : Nothing is forbidden.

Stephen Rowland released the old skool techno classic Trust No-One (12" Single) under the banner UNIT 93 back in 1990, this reached number 28 in the UK indie charts with radio support from legendary DJ John Peel. Stephen also recorded and performed live with Manchester dance/techno outfit Dtox, covering Ellie Warrens 1980 disco track Shattered Glass, this reached number 75 in the UK national charts. UNIT 93 appeared in electronic technology magazine Future Music and his track One More Story is voted top track for the month by it's readers.

Addicted to music making since 1993. 23 Id is my newest (and ONLY SOLO) experimental project. The Polish combo ODPAD (in English it could be eg Waste Product) was formed at one of the flats in Wola, Warsaw in May 1993, 116 years after T.A.Edison had invented a phonograph. ODPAD was set up by two sound buffs: Bujalex and Novak. They were enchanted with experimental, new wave, punk, techno, noise, hardcore, minimal. They both couldn't bear mass culture and consumption as a predominant way of living. For them it is better to be gone in delightful chaos than in dull torpor. They didn't want to conform. Only 10-meter room had to be capable of holding the whole acoustic space. Psychoacoustic obsession made the room breathe. Although their work was a typical lo-fi they wanted the harsh sounds to be portrayed with realistic scale. It was ODPAD's secretly raised and really artificial world. Their songs were not songs, just sounds filled up with emotions. At the beginning ODPAD used to tape the sounds of typical home "instruments": plastic dustbin, washing machine lid and radiator. They cut a wax using a typical home deck and...walkman cans (throughout the time it became the most important band instrument). Mike, of course amatourish and a bit out of order, appeared after 2 years. This music is gloomy (but from time to time nutso grotesque), bizarre and noisy, you can find here experimental flavourings with a clear soundstage. As a rhythm section Bujalex and Novak used plastic dustbin, pouffes, carpet, real side-drum and cymbals, can-mic rustles and out of tune 3-stringed acoustic fiddle with flying neck as a slap bass. Additionally, 6-stringed Russian acoustic guitar, mouth harp for kids, combs, spoons, pots and two-cassette boogie-box for background effects). All sessions were cut without any mixer (only boogie-box with MIXING IN). They were usually a dozen or so hours long and the sound tuning was truly important. In 1995 Golab, Bujalex's friend from studies, joined the band. He played drums and lipped. No sooner had the set disbanded in 1996 (after analogue synthi and effects processor appeared) the Zwichnieci Dandysi (Wrenched Dandies) came into existence. But, you KNOW, that's another story.

Simmering pots of sweet tasty goodness... it's the Candy Scientists! Bringing yummy tunes and good feelings all around - it's what we do, straight from the musical laboratory with the skills and voices of Lisa and William's family, Vyolette, and the dear friends of Candy Science. We like to play with vintage video games (and their tunes), plus a large helping of 80’s vibes and tickles of funk! The scientists hope you will like these experiments. Cherry Blossom Dreams

Dissolved is one man outfit Paul Daniels, mainly based in Glasgow, Scotland who has been making music under the Dissolved guise since 1989. Starting out using 2 tape decks and a variety of old guitar pedals and effects, Dissolved moved from making long sound montages culled from ancient radio recordings and family conversations, mixed in with wild guitar textures and field recordings and overlaid with weird synth experiments to arrive at a more controlled sound, bringing in glitchy beats merged with melancholic melodies and atmospheric ambient backgrounds but still keeping the experimental ethic with nods to such bands as Coil , Seefeel, Brothomstates and Cocteau Twins.

Tulio barbeido lives in the future and dreams of 1982. He lives in a world where analog tape cleaners replace people as friends, and sexy, chrome, robot women make mad, passionate love to his mind. His influences include Pac-Man, Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk, big, bulky, analog synths & t.v. theme songs from the early 80's.

blippo was born in the future, but lives in the past. collecting synths is my hobby... making music is my life. currently, i do post production in audio/video; as well as doing commercial jingles. on my off time (or when i'm tired of listening to sound), i am a freelance illustrator concentrating mostly on pinups, logos and vector art...